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​Patty Otto

24-year-old Patricia Otto was last seen at her home in Lewiston, Idaho on August 31, 1976. She disappeared following an argument with her husband, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

How to Help

You can help us by printing Patty's flyers and distributing them in your community, and on social media. You can also help by doing the following:

Why the Cherries? 
As told by Patty's daughter, Suzanne Timms
Growing up, my older sister, Natalie had a fascination with cherry print. She loved every cherry she could find! It was everywhere in her life. Her purse, kitchen curtains, cookie jar, and stationary. When she passed in an unfortunate accident in 2006, I discovered her bed sheets were even cherry print! When Mel and I were discussing the clothing found on the Jane Doe, the original detective remembers seeing small red hearts or flowers on the material found in the grave. Or was it cherries? Is that why the cherry pattern was so close to my sisters heart that she literally wrapped herself in cherry sheets every night? The cherry  has become our logo for the two victims whose lives were taken at such a young age (the mother and her unborn child). They represent love, as if those two little hearts are side by side forever. When we identify her, and we will, our team is planning on getting cherry tattoos to memorialize solving this case.

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